Site being extremely slow, cannot connect to games or team create

For about two hours now, the ROBLOX site has been extremely slow. It takes about 40 seconds to load any page on the ROBLOX site. And to add to this, any time I play a game, after about 5-6 minutes I’ll get kicked with the traditional “This game has been shut down” message. If I try to rejoin any games after I get kicked, this occurs:

I also can’t type anything into the web chat:

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


Playing games yesterday I was experiencing pretty lengthy join times as well. My download speed is 15-20 Mbps, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

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Mine is 40 mbps. It’s definitely not an internet speed issue.

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I keep getting “The service is unavailable.”

Like this?

Nope like this

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Join times seem slower but I am having no problem connecting, playing, or using the site. Due to the school I am at now, I my internet speed is near 1 Gb/s though.

I have had no issues with Roblox in the past few days other than site maintenance. This may be an issue relevant to region or your ISP.

Roblox just showed up again now.

Having similar issues, today it took me 3-4 attempts before I could access a teamcreate game in studio.

Everything’s fine for me?

Just thought I’d bring this up as well, another issue sprang up.

I’m greeted by these red error messages when I try to change anything in the avatar page:

I asked a friend of mine, and he said that he had the same issue earlier.

Currently getting this on all game pages:

Had the same issue:

This happened when I tried creating a new place. The place ended up duplicating itself.

I’m having a similar issue where no game shows up on my home page:

And whenever I click on a game (whether it be through Games page or Group pages) I get this error: