Site Layout Heavily Distorted

Bug: This bug will make the layout of the entire site completely distorted. Clicking on other topics/messages on the site will also have the same issue. All images become larger, the font is set back to default HTML (Arial I think?) Furthermore, some images don’t load at all and some topics will be lowercased, etc.

Occurs when: Happens on and off, time varies.

Producibility: ???%: Unknown, but consistent.


Steps: Due to the fact that it was random, it depends. It has happened more than just this once, but I happened to record it now.

Extra info: Browser used is Google Chrome
The issue will persist unless the page is refreshed
Bug started on

Please let me know if you need any more information! (Computer setup, etc.)

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This sounds like an internet issue, every time any site loads like that it is usually because of bad internet

I assure you, it wasn’t the internet.

I have 500 MBPS wifi, and it was at full bars when I recorded it.

the dev forums CSS (what you viewed) is downloaded along with the HTML file. If by chance, say the time when your ISP throttles your community (usually 2 am to 5 am) there’s a chance that the file will be partially downloaded, corrupted. The reason why this is random is because your data is probably already on your computer for the website, including the CSS data.

Why this happens sometimes on too

Like most modern websites, Roblox’sScreen Shot 2021-05-28 at 6.21.31 PM CSS is downloaded from another server

When you call any server too fast rapidly there is a high possibility you will get a 429 error. It’s the reason why you need a botnet to DDoS somebody.

What probably happened is you kept refreshing Roblox and it just so happened it loaded fast enough for you to get throttled by their API.


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