Sitting animations not working in Team Create

I’ve made a few animations for my friend’s hangout game, and they seemed to work fine when I tested them in studio. The only problem is, my friend cant see them at all and they don’t work in-game. I’ve tried Saving to Roblox, and even publishing but each time it shows up as a default sitting pose. From what we guessed, we’re assuming it has something to do with Team Create and him not actually owning the animation himself.

is the animations published by you or the group???

The animations are all published by me.

is the game on the group or is it on your profile???
if the game is on the group, then publish the animations to the group…

The game isn’t owned by a group or myself, it’s just owned by my friend.

thats the problem… tell your friend to publish the animations to his acc, that occured to me too back then…

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