Sitting no longer working (engine bug?)

before you kill me for posting this outside of bug reports, its still closed off to anyone below regular! and guess what, you cant be upgraded to regular anymore!

anyway sitting is completely broken. seats, scripts that force the player to sit, etc. just doesnt work, as if humanoid.sit has broken altogether.
nothing is wrong with our scripts. our sitting was working just fine literally yesterday. nothing on our end has changed. and yet our seats and scripts that make the player sit alike are both broken.

roblox said you can no longer sit
you much stand like a MAN in ARMY TRAINING

localscripts and seats work for me, most likely something on your end

Other games are also experiencing this issue so it’s not just you. It looks like it is something on Roblox’s side.

wasn’t on our end, also got fixed.

the change listed here broke all sitting and after it was reverted sitting resumed normal function.