Situations where trig is useful?

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    I want to know when to use trig (trigonometry/circular trigonometry)

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    I spent a little bit of time reading some threads and learning about radians, angles, cos, tan, adjacent, etc. But there are almost no threads on when to use it. I understand creating circles/cylinder, moving certain parts in different circles than a normal one, but what are some practical cases you guys have used trig in.

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    I’ve seen multiple threads on this topic but most of them are 1 response answers on how it works or did not fully answer my question.


You can use trig to find out the angles of a vector or between 2.

This for example:

or between 2…? between 2 what? And the “angle of a vector”?

Vectors have a magnitude and a direction. You can get the direction by using 2 axis to work out an angle using trig.

sry was just confused thank you. Did not see the response by @ThanksRoBama also