Size and Position is different when importing UI

Hey! I am having some problems in studio, regarding the importing of UI.

In studio the position and size of the UI seems to be fine as seen here:

But in game the close button seems to go to the right, and the components inside of the inner base seem to get bigger, as seen here:

Are there any fixes for this issue?

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Try these:

Pretty sure the problem is that you’re using Offset for Positioning and Scaling. In the properties tab, switch from Offset to Scale (example: A Frame appears with {0,100} {0,100} as in 0 scale, 100 offset. Switch that to something like {0.1,0} {0.2,0}
This way it scales to the screen, and when you try editing the frame by dragging it, it will automatically use scale instead of offset
sadly you need to work a little on switching each from offset to scale