Size and position of default player list?

Hey, I’m just wondering how I can get the size and position of the default roblox player list, as I’m wanting to offset a UI to the side of it.
I’ve looked around for a while and can’t seem to find anything relating to this and would prefer to not need a custom player list in order to achieve this.

Thanks :slight_smile:


The position of the player list seems to be {1, -4},{0, 4} based on CoreGui.RobloxGui.PlayerListMaster's position. For the size I am not too sure - I believe it expands depending on how many players there are.

I could be wrong though, but you can look inside of that frame’s descendants

Unfortunately accessing it this way returns a lack of security error.

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You cannot edit anything in CoreGui with Scripts.

I was suggesting implicitly to base your position off of the one provided. I enabled CoreGui in my studio settings and grabbed it from the explorer.

I believe that depending on your resolution the size of it differs, which would unfortunately cause issues. Looks like I’ll just need to make a custom one.

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