Size limit for ads


Hi, so I know for group icons size isn’t limited aslong as it’s square.

Is it the same like that for ads?

For example: Can 300x250 be 3000x2500 or 600x500?


To keep consistency and to ensure everything fits on the pages, ads have to strictly be certain sizes depending on the type of advertisement you choose. You can chose from the following 3 options:
728 x 90 Banner
160 x 600 Skyscraper
300 x 250 Rectangle

Unfortunately, Roblox will not accept images of scaled aspect ratios, no.
FYI, something like this can be tested simply yourself, just keep that in mind for next time!


Use the template that roblox provides


Fam did you even read my question?


no, it’s not a fixed ratio - it’s a fixed size specification.