Size script for R15 avatars not changing the size of the character

Goal: Change the characters size once they join the game.

Issue: The script changes the int values in “Humanoid” but it doesn’t do anything to the actual character

Script: (Location: StarterCharacterScripts)

local humanoid = script.Parent:WaitForChild("Humanoid")

local hs = humanoid.HeadScale
local bds = humanoid.BodyDepthScale
local bws = humanoid.BodyWidthScale
local bhs = humanoid.BodyHeightScale

hs.Value = 0.5
bds.Value = 0.5
bws.Value = 0.5
bhs.Value = 0.5

Vid Below

Sorry for bad quality.

All help appreciated!

You have to make it a server script because clients can change values but it won’t take effect on servers.

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Thank you so much, This worked!

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