Sizing Micro Offset Glitch

Normally when scaling with something as small as 0.2 lock grid, you can get nice details. However, lately whenever I try to scale with the default “scale” tool, the parts get offset without reason.

This bug has been replicated many times today and wasn’t an issue last night.

This bug is being produced in Roblox Studio as of today.

This bug started happening after today’s update. I’ve had no issues prior.


I’ve had issues like this often. To fix this problem, I would recommend installing stravant’s building tools. They have ResizeAlign, which aligns parts together. The tools works beautifully for me, and I believe they would work beautifully for you.

You could always do that, or try to resolve the issue on a 0 scale. That would be a pain, though.

This is not a good solution. This is a bug it seems, resize align can only make it more frustrating.


As much as it is a bug, I don’t really see a quick way around it besides ResizeAlign (for the time being). This is what I’m using until the bug is patched. Don’t really see another way around it.

I’ll just be doing mesh work until it’s patched.

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I thought this was just me at first until I saw this forum post. I was wondering if I did anything wrong and had to constantly use a plugin to make it even, because every so often, its offset again, even when you make a slight change to the brick.

For example, I fix the block with a plugin, move it .2 a bit and its offset again.


The problem still isn’t fixed and it’s messing up all my work.


Are there any Welds/WeldConstraints on the parts you are adjusting?

No there are not. These are just simply parts.

It appears someone at HQ patched the bug. I can’t replicate it at this time.

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Wanted to bump this post since the problem still hasn’t been solved. It’s much less noticeable now but if you look really closely it’s there. The offset is microscopic but my OCD is going nuts over it.

Once again bumping this because the issue has become more prominent and expected.

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