SizzleBurger - Renovation Update Log

SizzleBurger Renovation Update

It’s been roughly 7 months since our last major update to our current restaurant game. Most of our time has been dedicated to the production of our new game. But while that is still in development, we have decided to give our current game a remodel by adding many new features to improve the gameplay and functionality of the game.

Play the game here!

Key Features

Renovated Interior - The interior of the restaurant has been updated so it appears more visually appealing and open. The removal of the second floor in the middle of the restaurant allows for more light to come through the windows and higher ceilings throughout the building. New booths and tables were added, and a new large counter was added to accommodate 13 registers. There is also now a large static menu above the registers that is now easier to read due to its size. Additionally, the private dining area has been moved to the entire second floor. There is also a designated outdoor eating space in the back of the building.

New Uniforms - There are new uniforms for cashiers and chefs that are red and white to fit the company colors better.

Freestyle Drink Machine - A new drink machine has been added where players can equip their drink and be taken into an immersive experience of having their cup filled with their preferred beverage. There is an animation that plays at the end with the customer grabbing the cup from the machine.

New Cooking System - The old cooking system has been ripped out and replaced by a completely new system that works similarly to the old system. Instead of clicking to use things, players can either hit “E” to do actions or press the “E” button when near an object.

New Menu Items - Chicken nuggets, the impossible burger (Plant-based burger), and hotdogs have been added to the menu and are now able to be created with the new cooking system. All food items are now placed in either a paper basket or a wrapper.

Burger Bar Recode - The Burger Bar has been completely recoded to function better.

Tipping Employees - After a cashier submits an order for a customer or a chef delivers an order to a customer, a user-interface will appear that will ask the customer if they would like to tip the employee. If the customer chooses to tip, they will pay a small Robux fee to tip the employee an extra worker point.

Private Dining Update - The private dining area has been moved to the second floor entirely and allows for a large space for people to dine in peace. The command “!invite user” can be used to by the game pass owner to invite a friend to join them, and the command “!uninvite user” revokes their access.

Chef Queue/Customer Directions - A chef queue has been added instead of having to wait in a physical line to claim an order, which was problematic due to line cutting. To receive an order, all you do is press the “Join Queue” button to wait in line to get an order. Players won’t be able to make orders for themselves or get orders with them as the customer. Additionally, instead of looking for an icon over your customer when delivering food, arrows now direct you to the customer.

Claiming Registers - Registers are now claimable and must be claimed in order to be used. Registers are unclaimed when cashiers walk away from them.

Order Confirmations - Before an order can be submitted, the customer can now view what the order is and accept or decline the order. This solves people from randomly creating orders for people who have not ordered.

Eating Animations - The eating animations have been updated to accommodate the new cups, baskets, and burger wrappers used when creating items.

Custom Music Playlists - With the removal of the phone user-interface, a music page has been created where owners of the formerly called “Music App” game pass can create and save their own music playlists.

Ordering Limit Change - The ordering limit has been reduced from 5 items an order to 4 items an order.

Points Viewer - There is now a user-interface in the corner of the screen that displays the number of worker points you have.

New Shop - There is now a new shop that is divided into game passes and points where you can easily buy passes, points, or gift points to other players.

Removal of Rarities - The ability to choose a rarity on a burger has been removed in order to make things more simple and less confusing for some players.

Shift Leader Pass - The “Senior Staff” game pass will be changed to a “Shift Leader” game pass.

Training Center - The training center will also receive the new cooking system, furniture, and edited versions of the ordering system to help trainers better train their trainees.

Release Information

Release Date: Monday, September 28th, 2020
Release Time: 6:00 PM ET
Platforms: PC, Tablet, Phone
Trailer: SizzleBurger - Restaurant Renovation Update Trailer - YouTube

We hope you enjoy the update, and let us know what you think of it in our chat server! If you come across any issues after release, please be sure to contact a senior administrator or our programmer, popeeyy. Thank you to the members of our management team who helped test this update.