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So I’ve been trying to fix the skateboard model for months to make it act like the old skateboard. I understand that the SkateboardPlatform instance is now deprecated, but I don’t know any other alternatives.

I want to create a skateboard that turns just like the old skateboard and doesn’t create any problems. I have been using the original skateboard model to use body movers to see if it affects anything. It did, but when you go up slopes and try to turn, it goes at a weird angle.

This model uses the BodyAngularVelocity instance. I’ve tried using the AngularVelocity instance to no avail. Here’s the code I use to control the steering:

if script.Parent.Steer == 1 then
	AVelocity.AngularVelocity =,-3,0)
elseif script.Parent.Steer == -1 then
	AVelocity.AngularVelocity =,3,0)
elseif script.Parent.Steer == 0 then
	AVelocity.AngularVelocity =,0,0)

I’m using the skateboard module roblox uses for their skateboards. Any support will help (also sorry if this topic is messy, this is my first time, and I’m not that great at explaining).

Edit: I also forgot to mention that my skateboard has a BodyGyro of a MaxTorque of (0, 0, 400000000000)

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In this video it seems that it had an Attached camera to the players with the old skateboards. I can’t really seen a difference between the old turning with the one you have currently besides the camera angle.

The only problem I really have is that when you go up a ramp and you try to turn, it doesn’t exactly turn properly (as seen in my video). Instead, it just flips you backwards.

This might be due to the ramp itself, maybe using something like this plugin to get more detailed and smaller parts?

Hmm, I’ll have to test it out. I’ll get back to you for the results. Thanks! Oh, and I also forgot that my skateboard also uses a BodyGyro.

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I’ve found a fix for it. So the ramp part was fine. I just had to tweak the BodyGyro’s P. Now it doesn’t flip backwards. I appreciate the help, thanks! :slight_smile:

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