Ski Tool Issues


I literally have no idea why on earth this isn’t working. I’ve had a staff member check it for me and they said it was fine and working. I try and test it and it doesn’t work at all. When I try and equip me, it just does this: Its driving me crazy.

Could anyone help? I’m not a lua scripter, so I have little knowledge about lua.


The problem is that when you equip the tool, it Dosent show in your hand? Ik your model do you have constraints enabled on your tools?


I don’t know. How do I enable them or check if they are enabled?


Sorry I said the wrong thing, do you have a handle on your tool?


Yes, this is the layout: image


Is this your problem?


Did you import a Roblox gear? If so, the script might be outdated or it just doesn’t work with R15


I don’t think ROBLOX has a gear that’s a ski. Really cool if they did though!!


Good thinking, it could be. I’ll edit my character to R6 and let you know.


There is a Roblox gear like that:

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Oh really? I might use that :smile: Thanks for the info!

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Wrong reply, Mark his as solution.

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Ah yes, thanks it works. I’m so stupid for not realising it :sweat_smile:

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No problem! Glad I could help! :grinning:

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