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uhm this is awkward


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lol i can see the source code of the plugin then add my self ez

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You really think obfuscating your code will help you getting more users to get your plugins?

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obfuscating code is against Terms of Service/Rules of roblox, if you do this you will get banned lol

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yeah that’s correct who needs an plugin and the ultimate command bar is here lol!

its a framework for skills, not really used to run code

its intended use was for making skills, its a framework

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idk, i felt like doing it, didnt know it was against tos

You literally cannot pass “felt like it” as a reason when you’re making a plugin that also has obfuscated code

i removed the obfuscated code form the plugin if you update you can see it all

A lot of people will see your post right when it’s made. If it looks boring or there’s no documentation, they will leave. It won’t get any attention after that because nobody has shared it or liked anything in it.

Please make documentation, add videos and images, and explain thoroughly before posting a resource. I have no clue what this does.

This is not true:

  • Uploading content that contains obfuscated code or hidden scripts that mislead end users or create disruptive experiences for them"

( > Disruptive Content and Behavior)

Key portion being that they mislead end users or create disruptive experiences. Obfuscating say an API key would not violate this.

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i added documentation, let me know if i have missed out anything important or if anything is unclear.