Skinned Mesh Animations

So I’m trying to make custom animations for different characters but when I put the animate script inside the skinned mesh it doesn’t work and the only way it works is if I put the animate script in StarterCharacterScripts but if I do this everyone would have the same animations and I don’t want that is there a way to fix this?

Does anyone know a way to do this?

Plsssssss I have no idea what to do would a serverrside script work?

You can do this multiple ways:

  1. Server script. As each character loads, load the specific animation related to that character (this is what I do)
  2. Use animation objects to store the correct animation for walking/jumping etc. You can put these in the character, but note the values in these objects do not transfer between server and client. Load animations on the server.
  3. Use stringvalues to store the same animationIDs instead of animation objects. You can load the animation from either client or server.