Skinned mesh character causes physics to break due to "not having legs"

I am attempting to use a skinned mesh as a character, however roblox’s player physics are breaking due to the character’s legs not being correctly identified as legs.

What i believe to be happening is explained in this poorly drawn diagram:

My only thought is to create invisible leg parts, which would be a poor solution but work the way I want it to, but does anyone have any better solutions?

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After a little bit of experimenting i’ve realized that the physics issues are because the player model was imported too large, and I scaled it down to fit the scale i’m making the game in. I really don’t want to have to reimport the model im using for the 8th time since I’ve already got it set up.

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In the end, the scaling issue was solved by going into blender and scaling down the player model to the ingame scale, The issue with the legs however is still a thing. It’s mildly annoying how scaling the player can mess with physics so much. This shouldn’t be an issue because most players will never use any scale other than the default, however with custom player characters this is a fairly large issue.

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