Skinned mesh front face is on the wrong side


I am having an issue that I haven’t seen any solutions to, and it may be a simple fix. The face of my skinned mesh is pointed the way. His feet are the front side, and the top side is the desired front side. If there are any solutions to this, please let me know, it’s been a prevalent issue in coding for it.

Have you tried to reset the meshes pivot (it’s in the model tab under pivot, labeled “Reset”)

It doesn’t seem to be the solution. The faces still stay the same

Hmm, I just figured I’d point it out (since when I export meshes from Blender sometimes the pivots are different from the pivots in Roblox)

Also is there a reason why you can’t just use the face the actual front is on (like the right or left side)?

I don’t know how to do that programming-wise, every time he path finds he is upside down. If there is a solution to that, I would be more than welcome to suggestions

I don’t really know (I’m more of a beginner to intermediate programmer) unless you could make a script that says every time you say “Front Face” it is actually the face that you want to be the front (if that makes sense and if it’s what your looking for)

I’m trying to find a way to do this buy roblox limits are getting the best of me.

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