Skinned mesh player models - A challenge to see if I could do it

Greetings, Devs!

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been experimenting with skinned mesh model/animation importing. It has been a fun learning experience, to say the least. While I’ve run into numerous issues, I’ve managed to fix most of them in a time period short enough to prevent me from pulling too much of my hair out.

Frankly, I’m quite proud of the results. Of course, these are not my animations or models, and I do not claim to have the talent to have created them (as such, I’d never attempt to profit off them). However, seeing animations this clean on skinned meshes in Roblox was something I couldn’t have even imagined just a couple of months ago. I was inspired to the challenge when I started seeing demos pop up here and there to showcase the new support for skinned meshes.

Below, I’ll showcase some of the demo videos I’ve made demonstrating just how beautiful these models/animations have come out. These models and animations have been imported from League of Legends.

This is just a demonstration project, and I have no intentions of using these in a for-profit setting. The watermark is only there so that the importing work showcased in the videos is not claimed by others, as I did work for many hours in that regard. I took this on mostly to see whether or not I could get these working in Roblox, and partially because I love the League of Legends character design and lore. I hope other members of the Roblox community are fans-alike and enjoy seeing these imports.

Please let me know what you think. I’d absolutely love to hear any critique you may have without restriction!

Thanks, and happy devving.



This is actually one of the coolest things I’ve seen on devforum in a while. I’ve played league of legends since 2015, and the only one that I can see any “issues” with is kindred, but I think that’s just because I’ve never actually seen the models from these angles, but the neck did get a little stretched in the idle animation, however that’s just a byproduct of skinned meshes I suppose. However, Baron and Cassio actually look like perfect replicas (the stretching fits their snake like appearances)… Amazing work.


Wow, this is extremely cool. I’ve no feedback and don’t know why I’m commenting as I have nothing good to say.

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Well done, these look amazing!

I really hope more games in the future use this technology it’s amazing

Thank you for the constructive comments. Yes, some models have stretching. Garen’s ultimate ability animation, for example, stretches him to nearly twice his height. To be fair, that’s a very brief animation with special effects.

But the real reason they can get away with this in League is the camera angle. It’s a very high angle shot from (most of the time) a distance where the model takes up only 5% of your screen. When you use a free camera, things can get weird. Luckily, most champions don’t have this issue.

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This is amazing, its good to see people pushing Roblox development to its limit!