Skinned Mesh Spider Enemy - Fantasia RPG Showcase

I present to you a Giant Spider enemy that utilizes the new Skinned Mesh Beta (as well as a showcase of some other cool stuff in my upcoming game Fantasia RPG).

You can play a test version of Fantasia here
If you want to be in the loop about this game’s development, here’s the discord server. I regularly post updates and announcements there.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!


Can confirm spider is NOT real

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Now that spider, that spider is hot o.o


damn that’s really good stuff!

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Very good, you will do it for all the enemies?

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I think so, at least for enemies that don’t have the same form as the normal character model.
This beta has so much potential. It’s now going to be much easier for me to implement non-humanoid (in the sense that they don’t have a human structure) creatures.

Looks amazing!

This game you are working on has a lot of potential to become something good!

Keep up the good work!

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Awesome attack animation. Also, nice cape. :wink:

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