Skinned mesh walk animation doesn't work in play

I have a walking animation for a zombie, that works in the animation editor. But when I play it through scripts, the legs do not work.

The animation (60)

What actually plays in game (61)

This is all the code I am using. The animation is uploaded to the group the game is under, and the id is 100% correct.

local Loaded = script.Parent.Humanoid.Animator:LoadAnimation(script.Parent.Animations.Walk)

The zombie only has 2 parts, 1 the mesh (the whole zombie is a mesh) and another is “Head” (which is a transparent part attached to the head, to do rotations, etc.)

Have you tried adding the humanoidrootpart to the rig? From personal experience, rigs tend to fall apart when one isn’t present.

Unsure entirely what you mean? The HumanoidRootPart contains all the bones too