Skinned meshes not deforming right

I am new to **Blender and mesh deformation, PLEASE HELP! **

I want to create a 2D plane where if I move a bone up the bones around it deform to reach the bone I moved up however when I import a basic plane from blender

and the run this script

local Cube = workspace.FBXImportGeneric.Cube

local NameNumber = 1

for Number = -Cube.Size.X / 2, Cube.Size.X / 2, 2 do
	for Number2 = -Cube.Size.Z / 2, Cube.Size.Z / 2, 2 do
		local Bone ="Bone")
		Bone.Visible = true
		Bone.Name = "Bone.00" .. NameNumber
		Bone.CFrame =, Cube.Size.Y / 2, Number2)
		Bone.Parent = Cube
		NameNumber += 1

I get this result

All those blue things are the bones and you can see the cyan boundary line and where the mesh tries to for a illusion of a 3D cube. I don’t know why this is happening?

If anyone can help that would be much appreciated!

my workspace


Still really need help with this as I cannot find anyone or anything about this?

Bones created in roblox don’t affect meshes. You need to create the bones in blender then import the mesh via the avatar importer

Yes but when I have a plane created with bones in blender and then delete the bones and do a for loop in roblox then it creates the bones and deforms correctly but only if the amount of bones does not surpass the amount of bones created in blender