Skinned MeshPart Studio Beta

Sounds awesome and Thank you! Now I have more stuff to look forward to in long term and keep me motivated :slight_smile:

What’s going on with the new character controller that was meant to replace humanoids? Will this be used with the new rigs in the future?


If we aren’t going to get the new character controller, will we at least get the new physics components like LinearVelocity and capsule colliders?

really cool update! I like the way you created this post!

@pa00 Thanks @ContextLost !
AutomaticScalingEnabled seems to be it.


Ok good!

Disabling that is going to be important if you don’t have legs. The Humanoid is going to start by measuring the length of your legs, see that it has no legs, and reset HipHeight to 0.


Great work with this! After only a few hours we were able to retrofit our existing avatar system over to the new skinned meshes. One thing we are wondering though is how long we should expect until we’ll be able to use this technology in live servers, as we would love to start getting community feedback on characters using it.

Obviously with projects as complicated as this there’s no set release date from studio beta, but any information you can supply us would certainly help.

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

i’ve asked an internal roblox admin and he said “Hopefully it will come out of the Studio Beta phase soon. Maybe 1-2 months from now.”

but that is a “maybe”


@RobieTheCat @ContextLost For some reason, this fix is not working for me on production Studio. No matter what I toggle AutomaticScalingEnabled to, I get no hip motion.
Maybe I am behind on a fix that hasn’t released yet? I’m on version 0.445.1.410643.


I republished the animation on the rig after turning off AutomaticScalingEnabled and that seems to have fixed it.


maybe a little bit dumb question but can I ask the release date of this feature?


Should come out this month. They said in rdc ill take a few weeks. And it says July-September in the road map. Roblox Creator Roadmap


Hi there! Anyone got a rig I can play around with? It would be a massive help!

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A workaround I’ve been using for welding parts like sword handles to bones is to use forward kinematics to update the CFrame of the part to the CFrame of the bone relative to the mesh part every frame. You can do this by iterating through the chain of the desired limb and using the TransformedCFrame property of the bone.

Edit: A much easier solution is to actually just use the TransformedWorldCFrame property instead, and set the part’s CFrame to that.


I lol’d irl at that.
That resized shark is just so SAD. :rofl:
So great. Thanks for sharing!

Lots of good looking stuff happening with this already!
Can’t wait to give it a try. TY Roblox team!

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I have same issue of the root bone not animating for custom rigs using AnimationController, is there a solution for this so far?

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When I have the animation in the animation editor it looks perfectly fine and useable.

As you can see here:

However, when I make the startercharacter and load up the animation it turns disfigured and ends up looking like this for whatever reason?

As you can see here:

I really do not know if I am doing something wrong, please correct me if I am.

Here is how the children of the startercharacter look like:


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I just figured out it is due the animation size being not the same as the character resulting in the deformity.

I hope that in the future roblox will be able to do something about editing the size of the animation or make it automatically resize.

Hey awesome stuff so far! However I’ve ran into a bit of a serious bug.

When importing the same mesh using the avatar importer(in order to support bones),
it messes up the PBR SurfaceAppearance, making it super tiled.

here is a comparison image for the same mesh fbx

Top Image is SurfaceAppearance using the same mesh imported just by the default mesh importer - works fine

Bottom image is that same mesh imported via the avatar editor to support bones.

I’d really love to continue tinkering with some stuff I was working on , but this is preventing me from both having PBR + Bones, which I both need.


Yes, this is a bug.
The workaround is to put any texture id on the MeshPart.
The SurfaceAppearance will override that texture, so you will not see it - but it will prevent the distortion.