Skinned R15 Rigs have broken foot-planting

Hey, I’ve been working with S15 rigs since summer and I noticed that certain animations from emotes/character anims would have the feet/legs moving when they were meant to be in place.

I initially brushed this off as an issue of my own, however today I wanted to attempt to fix this so my first instinct was to check if this was an issue on any official S15 rigs that are purchasable on the avatar shop and lo and behold, it happened on those as well:

As you can see from the video, the default R15’s feet are completely still, my custom S15 is slighting moving back and forth and the Denny bundle is even floating. This isn’t just exclusive to the Denny bundle either, I tried it with a few other S15 bundles all giving similar results.

This happens in both studio and in game, animations that I’ve found have the worst foot-planting is the idle that comes with the ‘Mr. Toilet’ bundle and the ‘Flowing Breeze’ emote, I’ve done small testing with custom animations which also have this issue.


I worked in skinned mesh for a while now, and I encountered the same leg lift or weird animation interaction when the model is scaled from its original animation and animation is not scaled correctly to match the new model scaling. Animated model usually appears “locked center” on these issues.

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This seems to be a small oversight on Roblox’s part with the fact that the animation simply isn’t made for the s15 rig. As you can see, the hipheight and limb length are completely different from the og. Most if not all animations are made specifically for the r15 rig in mind.

Easiest solution is to simply redo the animation to fit the s15 rig.

Didn’t actually cross my mind that this could have been the issue, for whatever reason I never tested this on non skinned Rthro rigs which I’ve just done a bit ago and yeah, it has nothing to do with skinned rigs, most likely is exactly what you’re saying it is.

In that case, with my custom boy S15 it might just be an issue of changing the point at which the meshes are cut to be as close as possible to the actual R15 version. I’ll try this out sometime soon

While that would be a workaround yes, the main purpose of S15 rigs is to be completely backwards compatible with all R15 animations and code.

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Hi everyone!

Sorry for not updating this thread! We are investigating the issue!

Thank you for the report and your patience!