Skinned R15 Robloxian 2.0 (Mesh Deformation Rig)

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Studio Version

UGC Version


A few days, some monster, and many swears later, here we are.


Roblox RUINED the R15 version of 2.0 with poor bone placement, horrible UV, and seams; I think I’ve managed to fix most of these.

I used the R6 version as a base due to some minor differences between them, so expect them to be similar.
And yes, gloves work again!

There may be a texture seam near the bottom of the arms and on the feet. This is unavoidable and is caused by the way Roblox composites the textures. I tried to keep everything else as seamless as possible.


Layered Clothing/Accessories should work fine with this as I used the original cages, but since it wasn’t a priority, it may not be perfect.

It’s an R15 Rig, so anything built for it should be fine.

Rthro Proportions work fine, but because it scales stuff like the Feet and Torso differently, it causes a few gaps to form. I tried to fill this out as much as I could without affecting the rest of the rig.


i feel like 2.0 is constantly overlooked (see how many 1.0 and 3.0 UGCs there are compared to 2.0), so I am genuinely so happy to see someone make something like this?!
i might add this as an option in my games if i ever get around to it!


this is amazing, can you do it for the Roblox boy rig?


If the upload requires a censor bar, try using @dvdko’s bypass method of having the censor bar on the torso, and having another censor bar on the legs


Maybe, no plans yet. The boy/girl rigs aren’t that bad.


Thank you for making this rig! I’ve been waiting for something like this ever since the S15 rigs came out, and I’m glad it’s finally here! Also, thanks for fixing the UV mapping on this rig, ROBLOX’s UV mapping on the normal 2.0 rig is abhorrent.


Congratulations! If I may ask, how did you arrange it?

It seems that the Torso version of the bundle is gone now. Any idea how that happened?

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No reason was given for the deletion, but considering the one with the Torso modesty layer is still up, I really hope it wasn’t the model itself.

They’re working on getting it back up, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Robux refunds for these items take about two weeks.


It’s back up!

Skinned Robloxian 2.0


How did you get it past the modesty layer filter?