Skinnedmesh not importing?

I’m trying to import a skinnedmesh, but when I import it, nothing appears. Nobody else seems to have the same issue.

Model in blender

Model in studio imported

How many triangles is the mesh you are trying to import? Are skinned meshes enabled in your opt-in beta panel?

The mesh I’m trying to import has 8655 tris. And yes, skinned meshes are enabled.

Maybe it’s going through moderation? Give it some time, and then try to re-import it.

The thing is, I imported the same mesh a few minutes ago, and it got through without any problems, then I noticed a mistake, but after I fixed the mistake in blender and tried to import it again, it doesn’t work.

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What’s the scale you set for the FBX, the bones or the mesh should show up and automatically resize if it’s over 2048. All I can think of is select the entire thing mesh and armature and export with selected objects and check the normals.

No issue with mine