SkinnedMesh with Tool supports

Highly thanks to @willbobdie for giving me a code to track a hand

model was done today and i finally have a free time


Are you using a script to track the position of the hand or do you just have a part name RightHand welded/motor6d to your character?
If you use a script than you can get a much more realistic outcome like this:

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i clearly have it rigged to HumanoidRootPart but by the way how do i make it stick to it’s hand? not the part

Part0 - HumanoidRootPart
Part1 - RightHand

also I’m currently using a script that you gave me which it only tracks to make a sword working but i don’t know how to make it sticked to skinned mesh’s hand

make sure that in your script the “bone” is the bone that you want it to track for example this is the script this is a snippet from the exact script that I used for the video:

local bone = boneparent:FindFirstChild("RightHand", true)
local mesh = Character:FindFirstChild("Lola")

You can’t really make it stick to the hand because skinned meshes don’t affect physics(yet) so the only way to find the deformation of a bone is to use things bone.TransformCFrame or bone.TransformWorldCFrame and set the a part’s CFrame to that with some other math. If it were a rigid character, you could use a weld to hold it in place, but skinned meshes don’t work the same way because they don’t affect physics as I said earlier.
So basically the only way to make an object stick to your skinned meshes hand is using a script to set the CFrame of that object.


Great work! Although, I’d recommend, how do I say this in the most appropriate way possible, “less girl-ify-ing” the character. This would include reducing chest size and rear size.

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turns out that i didn’t make the rig separated and created one part to identify it as “RightHand”

Thanks for the tip

Umm so weird question, but can you guys help with making my skinned mesh to hold a tool, i’ve been trying to do it for the past 2 days now, and nothing has worked yet… i’ve tried a lot of the solutions that was on the skinned mesh tab thinggy but yeah. nothing worked.

i bet it’s just me who keeps messing it up… since i’m very new at the skinned mesh stuff

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Yeah this problem is something I’m going to have to deal with myself very soon and have no idea how to do it, I’m trying to use regular roblox tools but I know (At least from these posts) that I’m going to have to somehow create a script to follow that particular joint but have no idea on how to do that and if it will possibly break the tool.

I made it work somehow, but cant really remember how
i think i added a part called ‘‘Hand’’ or something, and used the rigging tool to add it. to my skinned mesh
but i also added a script somewhere sooo cant really remember

All good thanks anyways man.

I was doing something I thought was gonna be super simple until I forgot skinned meshes don’t work the same way with tools lol.

There is a different way now

You can now use Attachments on a Bone Rig

They do the same job as your work around

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oh thats cool!! gotta try out that sometime

What was the code? I’ve been looking for quite the time now and cannot find a solution