Sky-High Services: [OPEN NOW] Looking for memebers and goving Services

Hi Developers and Guests

I am proud to announce a new service that I am offering to Roblox. It’s Called Sky-High Services. We are your service for developing and other needs that you may come across. We also teach on Roblox Studio. The owner myself @Thenoob2pro_2022 had been a developer for 4 years doing things such as UI Animating and Monetization. For about a year now I have been doing Scripting Building and Translating. We are a small group at the moment but we hope to expand so that eventually all of Roblox can use us.

This post is Part 1 of a few. We will link the others below when they come out. For any questions or Concerns feel free to dm me here add me on Roblox and we can chat or comment below.

Have a Great Day :slight_smile:

What We Offer

We offer any form of help on the Roblox Platform either from Teaching you (currently free) or from developing to even Managing assistance. Myself and our Experienced Team of Developers, Moderators, and Managers are ready to take down any challenge that you throw at us

Contact Information

You Can Message @Thenoob2pro_2022 (myself) here in a private dm or you can add me on roblox or add me on Discord (The_Sky#6151)

Starting Rates

Currently the Starting Rate for every project is 100 robux. (We can move our prices around) but off of a poll the starting prices for projects are around 100 robux. We do offer a USD currency possibility however most developers do not accept that as payment

Thank You for taking time to read this. Again Any Questions or concerns comment below or add me via any of my links (discord devforum roblox). Have a Great Day

For Individual Project Pricing (UI Information, Building Map etc.) DM me