Sky Islands Map

Introduction | Please Read |

| I am currently working on 2 EASY Projects right now to Challenge myself |
| I’m making a Tycoon with 1 of my other Sky Islands Map |
| And Now Im making a Disaster Survival with its own Unique Sky Islands Map |
| It’s 50% Done and I would like Feedback on it right and what to Improve |
| I also take feedback on my other post of a Sky Island for my Tycoon | Optional |
| I would also like Rating from 1 - 10 it does help a lot |
| 1 more thing this is meant to look like a Mid 2014 - 2015 Map | So yes it does have Studs |

| Screenshots |


I love the low polyistic vibe,; the blocky aesthetic really tickles my fancy!!!

This Is Great!!! Keep The Good WORK!!! UP!!!

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You should add more stuff to the last small island and just have normal bridges for getting across to different islands.

This really give the modern old Roblox Vibes.

R.I.P Old Roblox.

Pretty good creation, I’d love to see the end result of it. If you want somebody to test it out, I’m always available. Good luck with your creation.

The reality is great, I would like to see the final result, I love models, from old games to evolve it

well the game is made by my group and i do have a role for tester i do need some ill ask you when its ready tho
edit: actually ill PM you when it is

the map is like 65 percent done i think
and because of how fast i build i think i can get it done today or tomorrow