Skybox not loading and becoming black

Title says what happens.
I have reports from 2 people about this and im not sure if its roblox bug or a problem created by me.
It looks like this:

Its game breaking, because they can see through the fog which shouldn’t be possible.

I asked one of them to send me F9 console screenshot.

All i can see is that textures are not loading.
Game loads the skyboxes for each map from client and all works fine for most people.
Im just not sure if it has something to do with this method, if its a roblox bug or the person has done something with their graphic settings.

Thanks for reading!


Can anyone help? Its really important to me. :frowning:


Maybe the image you are using for your skybox was moderated, If I’m not wrong moderated assets show blank, try checking!

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Maybe instead of trying to load it from the client load it from the server?

It would not load for others as well, and only 2 players reported the behaviour.

I believe this wouldn’t change much :confused:

I meant, maybe the asset is content deleted

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It seems like when roblox had updated for them it may have failed to download some textures. Me and my friend had a problem like this in the past but our cursors were missing. We fixed it by reinstalling roblox.


These textures are in the ROBLOX content files.

Well, its better to give everyone the same advantage then only a few players.

Can confirm this issue, i think it has to do with the atmosphere

Ok since people are still finding this post, im just gonna say that you experience black skybox when you delete textures. If atleast one part of the sky has a default texture, the whole skybox will turn black.

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