SkyKurr || Scripting Instructor [Closed]

About Me

Hi there! My name is SkyKurr and I am a scripter here on roblox. I am offering my services as a teacher to people who always have wanted to learn scripting but never could. Since I am experienced I could help you on your path to becoming a better scripter or learning the basics of scripting and knowing where to start. All of the lessons will be on discord VC so if you want to learn you will have to be able to call on discord.


You can view my past work here. SkyKurr - Scripter/Composer [COMMISSIONS ONLY]


I am usually flexible with your schedule and when you would like to be taught depends on the day and time.


I am very negotiable with how you would like to pay me. The payment will have to be in robux but it could either be a one time payment or payment per hour. We can discuss in DMs.


You can contact me on discord at SkyKurr#9748.

Just a note: The first person to contact me will get first dibs on my services as a teacher. I will then close this topic and once I am done teaching them the topic will be reopen. I cannot teach more then 1 or 2 people.

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