Skyscraper FPS Map

Hello! This is a Skyscraper FPS map I was commissioned to do, this is one of hopefully many.


Could we have a top down picture to view the layout please?

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Yeah sure! This is only the first floor, I’m planning on having 2 more! 3 in total.

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Not bad, I would suggest not putting a commission in an experience just for safety concerns.

I like the graffiti you added, adds a nice touch. Along with the addition of crates.

I would suggest not bumping your own topic, especially within a millisecond of creating it

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Finished my map! It should be finished, I’ll change some things if I get enough feedback, etc.

I think this floor needs more crates, maybe at the side of the corner wall.

I updated the map, a lot, you might wanna join the game and check it out, everything has changed.