SkyZillah - gfx portfolio

who i am

hello, im skyzillah, a freelance gfx artist that mainly uses blender 2.79, and sometimes blender 2.8 eevee. i am new to the devforum, so i thought that it would be great for me to start off with an introduction.


here are some examples of my recent gfx. they are probably very compressed, so more works that are in higher quality can be found on my twitter @SkyZillahRBX.

Uploading: image.png…


you can see whether my commissions are open or not on my twitter page, @SkyZillahRBX. you can shoot me a dm if they are and you are interested in purchasing my gfx. i usually work on more abstract designs, and personal renders rather than game thumbnails, unless the thumbnails tend to be more simplistic instead of realistic.


the prices for gfx may possibly vary, depending on complexity. you can see my rough prices once i release my commission sheets on twitter.


in order to contact me for questions, ordering, etc., my main platform would be twitter (@SkyZillahRBX.) you can see my commission prices once i open them with a new sheet. please do not contact me when my commissions are closed, unless you are asking a question.

thanks for taking your time to read! feel free to ask questions on this post.


sky creates amazing work and has a great turnaround :+1:

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amazing work, would highly recommend to commission him

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I would post prices here instead of having them on twitter for people like me who would want to see if they can afford a commision.

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I see this post is recent and I’m interested in hiring you, however you state your main platform is twitter and on twitter your commissions are closed. Just a little confused if you’re available right now. If so do please DM me on Discord


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Your work is astonishing! Highly recommend working with this individual!

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Nice work man, you have a great future ahead of you!
Keep it up.

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I couldn’t recommend anyone more. Sky has excellent, affordable prices, fast turn-around (typically 2-3 days if you were to request multiple at once) and is a great guy. I’ve been a frequent customer of his for about two years now. If you want some good GFX, he’s your man.

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Hello there!

I am looking for someone to make a group icon that is similar to this

image Uploading: 8B1E4AA9-9D94-4E3C-9759-2D955F62C69E.png…

Just basically some cool people on a car with freinds and a sick background and yeah!