Sliceable Gui Frames

Hello once again!

Heres something I created today. Sliceable guis. You might have seen the “Sliceable Bread” showcase on youtuber. (if you haven’t then: So I decided to slice bread in Roblox Studio ... (with scripts) - YouTube). This gave me the idea to replicate the same onto a 2D Surface. Heres a rough showcase of what I made. currently, slanted cuts aren’t a thing. Though I am going to add it using @EgoMoose’s 2D Triangles article, which I found really fascinating to read.

Currently works only for Frames. LeftClick on your screen to create two points. On those 2 points, a line will be created which will be infinitely extended in both directions. Using some quick and easy math using absolute values, The frame is divided into two! (Well not really, the frame is divided into two clones)

If you want to try it out for yourself, then here you go


Funny idea! But maybe you could also add diagonal slices

This would be tricky because here he’s just creating a new Frame and doing some math for the size and position.

To do diagonal cuts you would need triangles, which Frames are not.

EgoMoose saves the day yet again! I’ll be using trigonometry to do so!

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It kinda sucks that you can’t rotate UI Objects and have them get clipped still otherwise this would be much easier.

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