SliceCenter bug(?) and Roblox uploading assets with distortion?

Hello, I have a confusion concerning the use of SliceCenter.

I am using a 24x24 image as a border. I scaled it up to 96x96 for the sake of readability for the numbers:

This is the 24x24 as viewed on paint net:

And this is the 24x24 as viewed on a Roblox imageLabel with a SliceCenter of the numbers above (3, 3, 20, 20):

As you can see, the top and left lines on the border are blurred whereas the bottom and right lines are not.

It becomes normal when I change the SliceCenter to (4, 4, 19, 19):
See? No blurs.

Is this the supposed rule of SliceCenter? Or is this occurring because of a distortion with my image? Because this is how the asset looks on the Roblox page:

If distortion on Roblox’s end is the case, then what is the preferred size to upload? Is it based on 10s?

It’s important to note that paint net considers the top-left pixel (0, 0):

Does Roblox consider the top-left pixel (1, 1)? If so, that would make some sense, but I would just like reassurance and any clarification that you guys can provide.

Try using that same image but high resolution and it may fix.
I has 2x2 image that is checker pattern in the past where it was blurry since low resolution image is being scaled up.

[FIXED] Roblox just considers the top-left pixel (1, 1) and not (0, 0) like paint net.

The distortion of the Roblox asset in the library does not occur in Roblox places from what I can tell.