Slide and Lobby Opinions

Hello! I’m working on a slide game, this is the first we’re working on! Can somebody tell me some tips? Really apreciated! (my first build)


Wow, looks pretty interesting so far! Maybe try adding a bit more to the starting area like a gamepass board, leaderboard maybe to show how far people have gotten!

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It does look good, but i saw this rainbow style in other obbies too, so maybe change it up a little?


Very interesting, but the brick is overused. It blends together.

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When i will build other stages we’re gonna add spoky things, many different themes!

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soo should i use different shapes? Give me some ideas thanks!

It looks good, but it isn’t original. A lot of sliding games look like this. The buildings and the rainbow slide. Maybe make the slide and the buildings look different?

The start is gonna be rainbow, then it’s gonna be in different themes, like spooky theme, school theme, things like that! All stages are gonna be different!

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If you were going to have a larger at the spawn point, then including more items as much that are needed in this case.

I’ll try adding variety of wall shapes such as different squares, rectangle, oval, and more as the approach your wanting would lead to a sort of repetition look. However you don’t have to have that realistic approach if your going for something simplistic try switching them up a bit just so it doesn’t look repetitive. I would recommend removing adding layers of colors on certain objects and using that when approaching more levels or stages.

The texture used for the square parts look good but it blends in with the entire color making it bland in a kind of way. Other than that are you planning on expanding the slide in the future?

This is quite impressive, however. If I was you, I would improve the detail

You could also add other maps for the slide! such as a City style version and vice versa,

however Good work!

What? No, I mean the material or whatever on the walls.

Go with a theme and stick to it, the lobby looks uninspired.

It looks like a free model, The rainbow is okay but go easy on the brick material, it makes it look repetitive. Add trees or bushes to the spawn area.

I will start other slides with other themes

Thanks for the tip!!! 300chars

Ok thank you! 30char aaaaaaaaaaa