Slide fade effect based on iOS 15

Notice the WiFi fading slowly at the end to finish it’s slide sequence?

Is this possible to do on Roblox Studio? TweenService doesn’t really seem good for me.

A demo .rbxm for this would be brilliant, I’ve tried so many times, I can’t figure out a way and already gave up on it.

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What about TweenService makes this not work? There are methods to do exactly what you’re looking for if you mess with the EaseDirection, EaseStyle, and Time properties of a Tween.

Well I’ve heard TweenService is laggy.

Is TweenService really the only thing I can make this work on or…

TweenService is actually one of the best choices for this

it isn’t laggy and it looks smooth

If you’re running the Tween on the client, it’s always smooth (it’ll only be laggy if the user’s framerate is low). If you want something without doing it through TweenService, you’re gonna spend a lot of time doing math. A suggestion is to use EasingDirection Out or In (I can’t remember the way it goes, because I usually just switch them), and try different EasingStyles such as Quint, Cubic, or Exponential which all look similar to what you are trying to acheive. Read this page for more info on the different EasingStyles, and this page which is for the entire TweenService if you are confused about that.

Alrighty, I’ll continue looking how I would achieve that perfectly with TweenService then. Thanks

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