Slide-in colour effect

Hi there!
I’ve never actually seen a post about this, so it’s worth asking: how do you make a clean transition between a darker shade of colour sliding in from the bottom of a gui? I’m working on some doors, with an E to interact gui, and if you hold the key ‘E’ down the colour will transition.

In more context, the ‘E’ key is hit and for the player they will be able to see a darker colour slide in from the bottom of the image frame.

If you have some good code for this, let me know! I unfortunately couldn’t find any examples, so ask me if you need further details.

Why don’t you use a Tween to change the color?

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I could, but I’m not sure how to make a slide-in effect.

Sorry, not understanding you. Is this for a GUI?

Here, I managed to get an example:

Just a thought, but could you achieve that by messing around with EasingStyles?

In this example you have provide it is basically a frame overlapping another frame, as you hold E the darker shade frame grows over the white colour frame.