Sliding Along Parts / Terrain on R15 Characters

Hello there! I’m trying to get rid of this problem where R15 Characters slide along terrain / or parts.
The problem happens even when there is nothing welded to the character.

While looking for an answer I saw another devforum post where the person had the same exact problem;

Here are some examples of it happening in my game.

First example;

Second example;

It almost seems like the player is getting pulled by some sort of force, which is quite bizarre.

Not sure if this is even relevant, but do the sword parts welded to the character have their Massless property set to true?

Yeah thats not a problem, this was tested without anything welded to the character and the problem still occurs.

I started disabling the scripts one by one until I figured out which one it is causing the problem.
Its this Ragdoll Script that I’m using.

Is your HumanoidRootPart.CanCollide currently set to false?