Slight Issue With ROBLOX Forums Regarding Help

There used to be Scripting Helpers and Building Helpers, but not anymore. However, when they did that, they dfidn’t amend Game Design’s rules to allow help threads.

Game Design’s description says to ask for help there, but the rules say not to and to go to Scripting Helpers and Building Helpers.


  • This is not a help forum. Please see Building Helpers or Scripting Helpers for help.


The tone of your threads is getting pretty silly. Chill.

Fixed. Sorry about that. Was just really annoyed at someone who was trolling in Scripters AND GD due to this error.

I also meant to post this in Bugs, not Features.

It’s pretty easy for someone to get irritated though when ROBLOX seems incapable of fixing the smallest, but most irritating problems. I don’t blame him.