[SLIGHTLY OUTDATED] JustAGoldbar Building Portfolio

Building Portfolio

General Information

Preferred way of building for commissions:

  • Provide enough pictures (better too much than too less)
  • Provided pictures may be IRL pics from google
  • I’ll provide screenshots after every build session
  • Payment will be sent, before I send the file
  • Provide all the needed information
  • Let me know if you want changes
  • Deadline
  • Preferred Part Count

Plugins I use:

  • Building Tools by F3X
  • Build V4
  • Part To Terrain
  • RopeMaster
  • Stravant GapFill & Extrude
  • Stravant Model Reflect
  • Stravant Resize Align
  • Archimedes Two
  • Rig Builder

Groups I’ve contributed to (Justin_Limited / JustAGoldbar)


These screenshots aren’t ranked from best to worst, they’re in a completely random order.

Large Builds

Medium Builds

Small Models


I am available for 4+ hours on weekdays and 6+ hours on weekends, depending on the school schedule.


I accept PayPal $ and Robux as payment method.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at JustAGoldbar#1769

Thanks for reading! :grinning: