Slime Attack! (My Personal Take on a Roblox Classic)

I remember back when I first started playing Roblox there was a game that I was hooked on playing. It was called “Attack of the Slimes”. Sadly the game no longer works due to Roblox updates, because of this I decided to create a game inspired by the original so other players can experience one of the classic Roblox games in a new light!

I am pretty close to putting Robux into ads on the game and I was wondering if before I did so, could I get some feedback from you guys!

Let me know what you guys think and also if you find any bugs!


So, I played for a few minutes to get the gist of it. Right now, you wait in a small lobby and choose group play or solo to defend your fort from the slimes. A few things I would change: 1. Shrink the size of certain UI elements, they are kind of intrusive to the user experience. 2. Speed up UI animations for the shop and loadout UIs so I can open and close them quickly. 3. If this is a round-based type of game, I would have a round-based UI that indicates the slime count that are still alive and coming. 4. Also, the cover art with the Roblox player silhouettes it cool, but I think it would be cooler if those weren’t silhouettes so we could get a visual of real in-game content.

Side note: My suggestions likely deviate from the original UX of the game this is modeled after, but I think my suggestions would make it a more fun version for younger audiences. It’s very cool that you’re emulating a game you enjoyed when you first joined. However, if you want it to be successful you will need to market and evolve the UX. If you’re not aiming for popularity, this is at least very good development practice for you. :octopus:

What UI elements did you find intrusive? This way I can shrink them.

I think the main loadout and shop buttons might be too large. Also, the intermission bar from the rounds could be shrunk a little bit. Also, nice work so far this seems like a cool project! :+1::octopus:

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I really like your game and the GUIs are also very nice

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This is a decent game! The design of the game is quite nice, but I do have some suggestions:
Add a campaign / story for the solo mode, playing by yourself seems somewhat boring and a story would be really interesting!
Add different maps , the current map is nice, but more maps would be cool (if there are other maps then thats my bad, only played a few mins)
Guns should cost in-game currency rather than robux, it seems like a cash-grab, especially with the price that they are set at, I also saw no way to add a gun to the second slot, perhaps a gamepass would allow that instead of making guns robux?
Add more weapons, there aren’t that many
Overall its a nice game, but needs some work and general updates, I wouldn’t advertise it at its current stage as I think you would get alot of dislikes for it being quite WIP, I see what you are going for, its nice, but once you add some of the features I suggested and some other things you might want to add yourself, it might be a decent game!

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