Slimed Body Suit bundle appears in inventory, but cannot be worn due to included items missing from inventory

Reproduction Steps

  1. Happen to be a user who has the Slimed Body Suit bundle (there are two of them?) in your inventory. Apparently it was reinstated to some users’ inventories in December 2021, even to those who did not rent it during its initial release in 2018.
  2. Go to the avatar editor, navigate to Costumes > Purchased, and equip the Slimed Body Suit costume.
  3. If the “Number of items you don’t own” error appears above the navigation bar, that means you do not own the contents of the bundle except for the included costume, which cannot be used at that point.

Expected Behavior
Somehow, this bundle has returned to my inventory. If I actually own this bundle, I expect its assets (body parts, accessory) to also be owned and equippable to my avatar when I wear the associated costume in the avatar editor.

Actual Behavior
The costume component appears in the avatar editor, but I do not own any of the contents that would be equipped to my avatar. It is unusable.



Issue Area: Catalog Assets
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-12-06 14:12:00 (-06:00)


The slimed body suit bundle was a rental bundle, after you bought it you got all items in the bundle until the rental ran out. The bundle itself doesn’t get removed after the rental runs out, only the items in the bundle removed.


I’m aware of that. But it was not in my inventory post-rental until December, leading me to believe that this is unintended behavior. It does not make sense for the bundle to remain in my inventory if its contents cannot be worn. Either let me use it like I would my other owned bundles or remove it for good.

Screenshot 2022-04-05 164842

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Yea… I also want the bundle body parts back. There is also Nickverse event going on, why wouldn’t they give us body parts back? Also fix the date first experienced, it is far away

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This is not the only time this had happened, I recall having rental bundles too (it was a spiderman costume), which was unusable for a long while then made permanent.

Perhaps they intend to make it permanent later


Looks like I have both the bundles, but none of the items in the bundles.

I think this is another case of rental items breaking severely after rentals were phased out, in this case I think the costume had no expiry while the rest of the items did, so that’s why it’s sitting in everyones inventories doing nothing.

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I don’t know of any “Nickverse” event going on at the moment? It seems to me that ROBLOX stopped working with Nickelodeon after the Kids’ Choice Awards 2018 event.

In fact, it wasn’t very long after this that ROBLOX stopped having community games as part of events as well, where they slowly started to phase them out for more corporation partnerships and a new addition; Concerts.

Egg Hunts were phased out two years ago as well (with a LONG list of criticism. In fact, should we even talk about that event?), with the effort increasingly declining after Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales. I presume this is due to development costs and no longer seeing a need to spend money on something that will only be profitable for a few weeks or so, but that’s just my theory.

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Has nothing to do with development costs. Just changing vision from one cohesive event place to metaverse event format. The contract money for creators stayed the same or increased after 2018 and Roblox has cash to burn if they wanted to, but that’s not the point.

Best keep the thread on-topic btw.

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Hi, sorry for the late reply. We will be looking into this now.


I have this bundle & issue tho!
By the way, i have got this bundle not from rental sale, but after using Roblox Support for Rollback back in 5 February 2022.
(im unsure if i had it before, but thats the first time i saw in inventory)