Slot machine style game breaking any rules?

So I know this game is a bit of a risk. But before I do any sort of alpha/beta testing I just want an idea of any possible rules that I may be breaking with this project.

To save you the time of testing, read below. The main premise of the game is a slot machine. There is a disclaimer that you have to read and agree to on entry. (Basically explaining that this is not how slot machines work in real life and that you will always lose playing those ones)

You then go to the slot machine that costs nothing to play, you never lose you can only win. (Stats and percentages of winning will be displayed in an info tab soon). The slot machine is gambling themed with roulette wheels and Vegas signs.

With the money you generate on the slot machine you can upgrade your luck (chances of winning) and also upgrade your win amounts. You can also buy pets that have Common, rare and legendary (Again I will display chances on an info tab to comply with lootbox rules) that all increase your win-per-spin amount. (Which again, stats will be in an info tab)

There are 2 game passes and 1 DevProduct so far. Gamepasses include FasterSpins and AutoSpins.

The Dev product is a bonus game that you can win between 5x your play amount and 10000x your play amount. (Extentensive stats on a pop-up will be shown before the PurchasePrompt including min and max wins, aswell as average win and most common win, as I don’t want this to be misleading at all). Although 5x sounds low it’s still a decent take. So there’s no situation where you lose anything so it’s not gambling. That goes for every aspect of this game.

Again I know that this is a risky project and I am willing to change aspects of the game to lower that risk. I would like to be informed on any rules/laws this could be breaking aswell as any feedback would be great.

I appreciate you reading and I hope to get some answers.


I may be incorrect but legally unless you somehow make it so that only 18+ can play it then yes it’s against the law.

Please note I am not a lawyer that’s just what I think is correct.

I’ve been very careful to not violate any terms of service. There is no real gambling of any kind and it follows all lootbox rules. If the theme is the problem then it can be easily switched out.

I’m just looking for any small rule breaks that I’ve not thought out. That for any reason the game may be taken down immediately after launch. And my account is at risk of getting a strike

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Gambling is legal on roblox, but to a very short extent. Any currency that can be gambled cannot be purchased through robux or real life money. It has to be earned or given to without any exchange of real life cash. Additionally, any gamepasses that increase the chances must provide how much they increase it, and it must be correct.

Edit: However multiplications are allowed, such as gambling currency for x2 or x4.

I’m not a lawyer so this wont hold up in court, thats just a summary of what I’ve seen throughout the years on roblox regarding gambling.

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The one I’m most worried about, is the Dev product that costs robux to receive a random amount of currency.

Because you always receive something I would have thought that this wouldn’t come under gambling.

But It’s hard to find definitive rules on these things.

The currency has no further link to risk after the random payout. Other than the Pet loot-box but I heard they’re fine as long as you state the chances

You will have to make a declaration of the odds for the random currency developer product. As a visitor will be putting Robux (and therefore real money) into the product to receive a random value of currency, they are required to know the odds even if there’s an equal chance of all types of values across a certain range. That is the Randomized Virtual Items Policy.

Your pet lootbox will also require the odds to be declared to the player prior to purchase. Your lootboxes will be considered purchasable with Robux by proxy — this is because you can make a purchase on the currency that can eventually be used to purchase a lootbox. If you want to have a no-risk situation here then you should drop the idea of the product or simply turn it into a multiplier-only kind of deal with no randomisation involved (i.e. multiplier for certain number of rounds).

Your game passes are not in any violation of any rules (there is no randomisation or losing result from application of the game pass) and will not cause the loss of any currency so they are fine to keep up.

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That is super close to gambling. Just make sure you say something along the lines of “You will earn a minimum of x robux, but have a x amount of change to win x.”


im not a lawyer dont listen to this

I asked a similar question earlier this week and I got a solid response:

Okay so I have taken into account what you have said.

So with the pets. I’ve displayed the chances of recieving and also made an evolving system so that getting the same pet isn’t worthless. Once you’ve got a maxed level pet, then you can’t receive that type of pet anymore. And the new chances are displayed instead of the previous.

I have also added stats on the bonus game as that is what is linking IRL money too InGame money. I’ve based my stats on running the slot 1 million times for accurate results. So hopefully that is sorted. (Let me know if this is not good enough)

I am redoing the theme to steer it away as much as possible from gambling. So replacing the casino theme with either Food or Pets.

But there is only one thing I’m worried about. Is spending money to upgrade LuckLevel/PlayAmount. Because even though these are ALWAYS positive in the long run. Roblox may not care about that and say that you could be spending a currency linked to real money that In theory could never pay you

(e.g. the 1/inf chance the slot never pays out after buying the slot which is surely impossible but in theory, possible)

If anyone has any thoughts on these new changes I’d love to know. Thanks

Very good response. I think it all comes down too whether or not a machine that you can’t lose money but doesn’t win all the time is considered gambling or not when truly random.

Because in theory I could purchase a machine lets say, of course that machine will pay out eventually but there’s that 1/inf chance that it never does. And I’m worried Roblox will see that losing real money.

I may be over thinking it but that’s the only true link to gambling that I can think of. Other than our themes of course.

Because I want to look at buying InGame currency in the future too but I want to make sure it’s safe to do so first.

You may be able to work something out if you provide these upgrades permanently or ensure that you don’t have a losing option in your system if they’re only temporary. The main concern around putting Robux into an experience is that the purchase should always give something with the player being made aware of what they stand to gain from the purchase.

Even if a player gets nothing back from a gambling machine, they still have access to the upgrade that they can use with future attempts so their purchase is not necessarily invalidated. I do need to caution you not to take my word as fact here though, this is a relatively gray area that I don’t tread and therefore am not well versed in information around.

I don’t believe in chancing moderation for a shot at maximising the monetisation of an experience and play whatever safe routes are available for the feature in question so I typically tend to stay away from any boosting either. If there’s randomness, I make it entirely neutral or remove any connection to Robux so that it’s purely a low-risk in-experience activity that I have control over.

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It sounds like you are doing a good job of making sure your game is compliant with gambling laws. You are taking the right steps by making sure that there are no situations where players can lose money, by displaying the odds and stats of the game, and by giving players the option to purchase game passes and DevProducts.

The only thing that I would suggest is that you make sure that you are not targeting minors or anyone underage with your game, as this could lead to legal trouble. Other than that, it sounds like you have done your due diligence in ensuring that your game is compliant with the law.

As others have said, the only issue is purchasing currency with Robux that is gambled. There may be policy issues (look into PolicyService) regarding users from certain regions that don’t allow any gambling, but that’s past my knowledge.

To be completely safe, there can’t be any ties between Robux and the currency that is used in gambling.