Slow down the process to becoming a 'New Member'?

Recently when I regularly use the devforum looking at topics and posts sometimes I just see people mass liking topics/post. I’m not here to bash anyone out or be disrespectful or anything but it sometimes seems like some people are just trying to get into the devforum for as a way to get more attention like a ‘flex’. I also want to bring another thing is that I find that people who are under 13 are still trying to get into the developer forums and, why I say that because I see people are just posting on topics unprofessional they have a lack in grammar and I see it most often as I use the devforum.

Do keep in consideration that some of the stuff I’ve have mention does happen on the forums/ New Member discord server. My suggestion to fix most of this is to prompting recently new members to agree or read the rules.


The current growth of new members is unfair to the Lead Top Contributors. Something should be done about it.


I do agree but, sometimes they are unmonitored and they attentionally sometimes spam or misbehave on the forums. Yes, they should use the devforum as a learning tool and help them become a better developer but what I was trying to point out that devforum refers to the best quality of posts mainly with the professionalism of the person.

You don’t know how much grammatical mistakes I’ve seen people make. We need a better system for becoming new member

While I do agree(which is weird because I literally just became a new member 2 days ago), I don’t think grammar matters as much as we all think it does. People make grammatical errors all the time; even you have some in your initial post, not that it takes away from what you said.

But yes, the professionalism is something I value and is something that should be considered when people are selected to become members or perhaps to even stay on as new members.


I have doubt asking new members to read the rules will be a viable solution. I assume most of them me included not gonna lie will skip past all of them so they can get straight to posting. There are absolutely problems with the new system. I believe that the only problem with the old system was it wasn’t an automated process, meaning long waiting times and angry people waiting to get in. I’m not sure how much work needs to be put in such an ambitious feature, but I believe the best possible solution is an automated version of the previous process of becoming a member.

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Well for one you used “much” instead of “many”


You forgot to punctuate

it needs a “.”


Grammar doesn’t relate to knowledge of development on ROBLOX. I don’t see how that is a need for becoming a new member.

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@wravager lmao thanks, don’t mean those kind of grammatical mistakes,
Come to think of it, it should it would be considered a spelling mistake. Where people say, “ok yeah ur right i made a mistake k thx”.

Not sayings it’s a need, just saying that they are lazy/sloppy comments as the example stated above.

I see sloppy spelling sometimes, but also the lack of grammar usage. This is not necessarily bad, but I find it really pointless to drop a random short comment when you can simply press the like button. Maybe the average rate of mistakes is two per topic.

Vandalism, not welcome here.

Professionalistic environment in DevForum, where we want to be as clear as possible with the motives of improvements.


Yes, but some people don’t have the basic grammar such as having a capital letter in the start sentence and not having a period at the end of the sentence.

There are also sometimes people who have English as a second language… Though yeah, I do agree with the fact that there are many people who make grammar mistakes constantly.

People who know Stackoverflow, maybe you’ve seen that there’s an edit feature. There you can change the message a bit so you can improve grammar mistakes. It sends the original and edited message to a community-driven queue, where people that are more known with the forum can vote on the message. When they agree on the edit, the post will be changed.
It would be great when there’s an opportunity to do this in the DevForum. We could improve the grammar and so quality of the Developer Forum.

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“I don’t care about grammar, I care about syntax.”

  • Legosweat, 2019

For new folks or people from a foreign country, grammarly is an extension I use sometimes and is very useful for mistakes you make when you’re typing fast. It’s very useful and free.

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I think it doesn’t matter how quickly you’re accepted. If there are any problems with new membets (like me) it’s because we don’t understand some things about the forum. I try to underating the rules and like to be corrected if I say something unecesary.

The forum is for developers to communicate with each other so i think anyone who actually is a developer, understands how to use features in the forum, and agrees not to use the lame Grammer they use in texts or chat, should be able to join immediately. The only reason Roblox hasn’t already done this is because accepting manually like they use to takes to long, and programming a robot that senses their smartness and ability would be too complicted.

I’m making this sound like it’s Roblox’s problem, but people should spend more time reading the rules which are posted all over the forum. Roblox could try adding sensors to make sure they read all the rules.

So basic conclusion it doesn’t need to slow down it needs to be improved in other ways.

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I’m Norwegian so English is my second language, yet I am able to maintain a fairly decent grammar. I believe a requirement for full member should be grammar, I just hate it when I don’t understand what someone say or ask because they cannot spell the words properly.


"Hi Guys So I Thnik We Should Make Free Robux Happen For Noobs"

But in all seriousness, I think you’re right. I understand people want to become a member as soon as they can, but Roblox’s main target is still children, and most children (not saying all) are unable to maintain a mature and professional persona in the community.