Slow performance during game (but not in studio) is causing game to break

Not sure where this goes but I’ll probably need help from those familiar with the microprofiler, performance tracking and if anyone’s experienced a similar problem. I’d also like some feedback whether you experience this same problem and the system you ran it on.

This is for a toy-based flight shooter. As the title states, the game gets very poor performance but only while in game (on a potato PC; more on that later). While in studio, everything runs fine.

Normally it would not be that big of a problem but occasionally it happens during flight and the player gets sent off to infinity and beyond.

What I don’t get is that while this only happens my potato tablet (m3-8100y 2c/4t, 8GB RAM, iGPU, Win 10), its perfectly capable of simulating the server and the client during studio. So why, then, would it not be able to run in-game where, I’d assume, it only has to worry about the client side of things?

The top image is in Studio. Bottom is in-game.

This also only happens sporadically, not consistent between games, and I’ve yet to reliably replicate the issue (outside of running the in-game video recorder).

What’s an even bigger mystery is that at least on several occasions, mobs on the server side were somehow destroyed at the time the client glitched out, causing the server to start throwing errors.

This is normally the part where I start suspecting the server of being the culprit…

But then when I test it on a gaming laptop, everything runs perfect. No mysteriously destroyed mobs. Not one-way tickets to the abyss.

So I guess my questions are:

Is anyone familiar with why performance would be worse in-game versus in Studio?
I’ve made a few microprofiler logs but none of them has “caught” the issue when it occurs. Are there any other (realtime or logging) stats or trackers that I can use?
Physics is also a strong suspect; is there a away to view how fast physics is running during game?

I’m not even sure where to start looking and alpha is supposed to be released soon, which will probably only exacerbate the problem. Any ideas would be a lot of help.

It’d amazing help if you tested it let me know if you get the same issue and the PC specs you ran it on so I can get an idea of the baseline PC where this starts happening. Thank you.


I think the problem isn’t the game but is the device you are playing on
personally I got a nice pc and here you can see that I didn’t have any lag when playing the game:

the game was working greatly and didn’t have any problems
and also you said that the game didn’t lag for you in studio and that normal, it didn’t lag because when you run the game on studio the game’s window doesn’t fill the whole screen so its less laggy, but when you play the game on roblox it takes the full screen and it lags way more for weak devices

the game works perfectly for good devices, now if you want to try an attempt on optimizing to make it playable for more devices you should limit the amount of parts in the game, you can do that by using meshes
an example about using meshes:
if you make a model using only studio parts the model will look normal from the outside but it will have a lot of unessessary faces in the inside and the game will have to render every single faces and this creates more lags, but if you use a mesh it will have only the outer faces that means that there will be much less faces to render for the game so less lags, (for me its the best way to optimise a game)

“I hope this will help you”