Slow projectile collision

How would I calculate the collision of a slow moving projectile? Right now I am just using the Touched function but I don’t think it is very consistent. I don’t know what else I could do considering this projectile is server side. I was thinking of firing lots of rays in a loop but that seems inefficient and could lead to server lag if multiple projectiles are fired.

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Maybe shoot one ray from the tip of the projectile and dont make the ray long make it short and as soon the ray detects something you could use that ?

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There is a new form of raycasting that is currently in beta, it is called shapecasting.

Another approach would be using a heartbeat function that checks if the projectile is inside another part using workspace:GetPartsInPart(projectile, params).


Does shapecasting allow for curved shapes? Or would I still have to constantly fire a shapecast ray to create the arc of the projectile

Create a workspace:SphereCast at the tip of the projectile and do a loop until it finds something to hit:

A code sample can be found on the API:

Try raycast between the current tip position and last tip position. This method works any projectile speed

Ah ok thanks ill try this out when I’m home!