Slow/Fast Time or Speed

Hello everyone,

there is a game that have this thing i dont know how but, its cool and i would like to have it in my game. So, basically, you press “T” then this portal or whatever it is called comes and slow everyone who enters it…


note: the owner havent released it anywhere yet… also he wont share the secret i think…

Personally, I believe this is a client sided effect. What I assume happens is that when touching that object, your walkspeed is reduced and then gravity (for that client) is also reduced making it “Floaty” when jumping.

Though this is only a assumption though. I’m pretty sure the WalkSpeed is changed because Roblox’s Animation script scales the walk animation speed based on the walkspeed of the humanoid which you can see has slowed down. My other point is that the jumping animation doesn’t seem to slow down (I’m not sure if roblox did any modifications there), but it seems like local client anti-gravity.


When a player enter this part, a LocalScript is simply changing Workspace.Gravity and Humanoid.WalkSpeed client side.


This is a simple onTouched event that changes the clients gravity and walkspeed while touching the sphere.


I’m not so sure it’s a client-side thing. Plus if it was it would be boring to watch others do it because they would look normal.

Instead I’m sure it’s something like a server-sided script that does two things when the player enters:

  1. Slow down the walkspeed as others have pointed out.
  2. Made Jump look different by:
    a. Lowering it so it doesn’t have too much speed/height because:
    b. It also adds a VectorForce/LineForce that pulls up on the player to enact a slow fall.

A simple magnitude check would help determine who to put this to, and then once the player is outside of the magnitude then remove all the changes.

Edit: You could make the effect even better by having you’re own animation for jumping and then purposefully slow it down in that script to make the illusion of slowing down time.

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It wouldn’t look normal because the local player character replicates onto server as well as animations. This is why fly hacks and such are replicated to other players.

Other then that your method is totally a valid one to be used.


I would personally lower the gravity and lower the player’s WalkSpeed, which will create that slow-mo effect. If you have audio in your game, you could also change the PlaybackSpeed on them, to slow the audio down.

So here’s what I got, using the method I mentioned above I got a realistic slow time change:
TimeSlow.rbxl (20.8 KB)

Just two scripts, one to slow down time/physical effects. The other for animation effects.

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