Slowing down Projectile that uses BodyForce

Hello there! I was wondering how can i slow down my projectile, while still keeping the distnace that it travels.

I basically remade Paintball Gun. Model: Click Here

Im trying to do some sort of time manipulation, like x2 speed on projectiles, or just completely stopping it by setting speed to 0, all that while keeping the distance that it travels.

I will appreciate any kind of support.

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I think you need to be a bit clearer in what you actually want. From what you’re saying, I’m assuming that you’re slowing down the velocity of your object, but still keeping the intended destination, so even if the object goes faster or slower, it still ends up in the same place.

If you want to achieve this, I think instead of using BodyForce, you should either use LinearVelocity, or its deprecated equivalent (because there are known issues with replication at the moment).

Because you’re slowing down the actual velocity that the object is maintaining, you are also technically modifying the force applied on the object. If you apply less force to achieve less velocity, then you end up ultimately having to do a lot of complex math to keep your object in the air in the first place, because it might not have enough force to keep it actually going.

The problem with LinearVelocity is that you need to be constantly changing the velocity to maintain the realistic bullet physics.

I think something that you can and should try is halving the X and Z forces on BodyForce and seeing how that goes. If it falls from the sky because it doesn’t have enough force, you can probably just double the Y force applied on the object.

Second thing: If you want the bullet speed to be 0, that means the velocity is 0, and thus it has stopped. I’m not sure what you mean here, but I’m again going to assume that you want to temporarily freeze the bullet. My main thought here would be to apply an opposite directional force on the object so instead of doing a force of, say, (1,50,1) you apply a force entirely negative to that: (-1,-50,-1) and so the forces should cancel out. Though I’m not sure if that means the object would fall out of the sky, so try to be wary of that. If not, just anchor it.

I hope that helps you think through the process. I’ll definitely try some of these myself on your model, but I have no clue whether these will work. Just food for thought.