[Slumber Fall] A quick small showcase world that i made

As a fans of showcase game. I decided to create one outside my main current project in order to relieve my boredom. This game is inspired from many showcase games i visited and the place in the game was inspired from one day i daydream in my sleep.

This place is themed around sleeping and cozy place so most of the place are purposely unlit to give the best sleeping experience. Even though right now there’s no animation of it because i can’t animate.

I took around 7+ hours in this game. With a total 24453 parts and 34 union. Most of them are copy pasted xd. Everything in the game are my own assets (Subject to change) and 100% made in studio (Except the UI, of course). Of course, all of this do mean that there’s a huge room for improvement and criticsm. So im really open on it.

Enjoy the visit and don’t forget to leave a feedback.



I love this but I would say you could add a little more lighting so you can see better but the lighting is not yellow and more like night time colors.


Which color is nightime color?

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I would say a blueish color or just pick a good color that matches the theme of the game.


I think it is pretty good. if I were you can put smoke on the top of the water to make it like a swap valley and if you don’t want like that I just reflect the water to make it much cooler than before. and the lightning of it it is quite good but you also can use the new latest feature and that was:

to make it much more beautiful for your game.
any of your builders not that bad but you also can do was put a fishing boat and some NPC on that place to make that place have a villager that live there.any of that it pretty well done and I hope you have a good day.


It looks good, but it is quite dark, I suggest adding some lighting like another person said. Good showcase! Keep doing what your doing!! :slight_smile:

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Nnnnoiceeee. I think it’s pretty neat man. I really enjoyed everything about it. The only few things are could suggest is to add some lanterns near the beds and add maybe some trees or something that could be the center of attraction.
Good job!

@RISING_ROBLOX @locosora @Logavix

Im not quite sure adding several lightning spot is a good idea to me. In the game description i said that it was purposely unlit as its a place for people to sleep and get cozy. But i might reconsider, i quite aware the place is well dark. And actually, in the game there’s a local lantern for every person that they can activate through UI so that they can see their surrounding. But i don’t know why it got deleted from my studio.

The only place that seems dark to me is the bedding area. It just seems like he should have a little dim light or something to make it look a little better. But ya I understand.

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