Small Character getting stuck and jumping weirdly

My character sometimes gets stuck in the ground due its size, but I wanna keep it the way it is. If I were to change the HipHeight, it fixes this double bounce sort of effect and the getting stuck, but it makes the model float up. Is there any solution to this? This is a big problem because there’s a lot of areas where players can get stuck and characters also seem to just be buggy overall. I’ve tried to clone the legs and that also didn’t work.

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Can you share the script with us?

The character itself has no scripts, it just had been placed in the StarterCharacter with Welds.

Removes all welds

removes all welds

If that’s the case, I believe this topic should belong to Building Support, not Scripting Support. Since the model is only composed of welds.

If you reset the Humanoid.HipHeight and it’s floating then you’ve reset it too high. Check the formulas in the link.

First of all turn on platform stand to make the character at one place, then mess with HipHeight property in humanoid.

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my end result was 1.9665. my character uses R6 and it when I set it, it was floating heavily above the ground. how could I reset it properly and do this equation right so the model stays on the ground but doesn’t get messed up by the physics? this was my equation; Height = 1.098 + (0.5 * 1.437) + 0.15

Strange. I just looked at HipHeight of my standard sized R6 character in Studio Test mode. It was 0. When I raised it to 2 my avatar rose up 2 studs.
The legs are 2 studs high. You may have to just play around with your HipHeight to fine tune it manually.
Also your legs should be CanCollide off so players don’t get stuck in the ground.


The CollideOff on the RootPart, Both Legs, and Torso help remove problems I had with jumping and the physics originally, now the only problems I seem to face are when the character interacts with platforms that move or just in general, the character will slide.

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